Frequently Asked Questions
What is GoMobile4Success? is an innovative and inexpensive way for businesses to contact current and potential customers using mobile phone technology. We have developed a way for you to easily take advantage of texting as a way of reaching your customers and letting your customers reach you.

Maybe you are familiar with it. Maybe you are not. Have you ever seen or heard something that goes something like this.

Text “photospecial” to 888-858-8247 (toll-free) to receive a free 16 x 20 canvas from “John Klein Photography” with the purchase of a sitting fee.

Most of us have and for those that have not, here is an eye opener. According to, 58.9% of online access is done by mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. And other sources, including Google, verify that this number is close to 60%!

So it's time to use smartphone technology to enhance your business marketing, thus turning all your advertising in interactive advertising
How does it work?
It's simple. Sign up and you will get access to your own TEXT keyword to send to 888-858-8247 . You can access using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Once you gain access to your own administration window you will have the ability to set your own specials anytime.

Everywhere you can, you put in your TEXT TO OFFER. In your location, on your vehicles, in all your advertising.
What ways can I use it?
This marketing tool works well with almost any business, but really is super powerful for retail businesses such as restaurants, auto repair, florists and other service businesses. How about we give a couple of examples.

First let's say you are a restaurant owner and you want to promote your breakfasts. And the name of your restaurant is the “Roadside Diner”. In all your advertising you promote TEXT “RoadsideDiner” to 888-858-8247 with an offer. Let's say you offer a free coffee with breakfast when you present the “digital coupon” they will receive. Your advertisement would say or read” FREE COFFEE WITH YOUR BREAKFAST. JUST TEXT “ROADSIDE DINER” TO 833-333-5001. That person sends the text and receives the coupon and visits the restaurant. You have gained a customer. And hopefully a repeat customer.

How about a car repair center named Dave's Repair? You promote a GREAT BRAKE SPECIAL. JUST TEXT “DavesRepair” to 888-858-8247 . The sender will get a digital coupon for possibly a brake replacement special or some other special offer. This makes your advertising now interactive.

You can promote this in your print advertising, radio, television, and of course online. Make an offer your customer will find hard to resist.

Yes, it's a great way to attract new customers, But now comes the best part!

When someone requests your offer, they also allow you to send them TEXTS about future specials. The number of TEXTS they allow is stated in the original acceptance TEXT. Usually 2-4 per month. And they have the ability to opt out any time if they wish.

This would allow a restaurant to send a TEXT showing their weekly specials to all those that have chosen to receive the original offer. A great way to keep in touch with your current customers. A short, quick message.

So it's really a 2-sided marketing program. First, someone responds to your original offer and second, you keep up with them by sending them TEXTS with new deals, offer or current specials.
Is it expensive?
Expense is a relative term. If you only spend a small amount with little risk but it received no response, how expensive was it? What if you spent a large amount, but achieved great results and increased profits considerably, would you still consider it expensive?

In the case for we feel we have the best of both choices. A small fixed cost, but with ability to grow into considerable profit. You only pay for the results of your promotions.

Here is the way pricing works.

You sign on to a program with a fixed cost and receive a fixed number of TEXTS with the program. The higher the fixed cost, the more TEXTS that are include without additional cost.

The BASIC program is $24 per month and comes with 50 TEXTS included. Additional TEXTS over 50 cost is 10¢ each. So if you send 100 responses or TEXTS your cost would be the basic $24 plus 50 additional TEXTS at .10¢ each so your billing would be $29.00. The same package with 200 responses or texts would be $39.00.

The VALUE program is $36 per month and comes with 200 texts included. Additional TEXTS over 200 cost is .09¢ each. 300 TEXTS would be $36 plus the addition 100 TEXTS at .09¢ so you would pay $44.00. This package at 500 TEXTS would cost $63.00

The PREMIUM is $55 per month and comes with 500 TEXTS included. Additional TEXTS over 500 cost is .08¢ each. 750 TEXTS would be $55 plus the addition 250 TEXTS at 8¢ each so you would pay $75.00. This package at 1000 TEXTS would cost $95.00.


How do I sign on?
The best way to sign on is to use this Sign Me Up! link.